A strategy for assembling multigene expression cassettes in pFBDM.

Four genes, p125, p50, p68, and p12, were inserted into MCS1 between BamHI and XbaI sites, respectively. The expression cassette containing p125 was excised by digestion with AvrII and PmeI (boxed) and placed into a multiplication module (M) of a construct containing p50 via BstZ17I/SpeI sites. Followed the same logic, a pFBDM-[p125-p50-p68] was generated by an insertion of the expression cassette containing p125 and p50 into a construct containing p68. Finally, a recombinant transfer vector pFBDM-[p125-p50-p68-p12] was generated in which each subunit is under the control of individual polyhedrin promoter.