A) Wild type zebrafish at 4 day post fertilization (dpf).Arrow indicating the glomeruli with visible GFP. B) Phenotype of Myo1e morphants at 4 dpf (days post fertilization) with Myo1e specific knock-down morpholino injected.

Note the pericardial edema (arrow) and invisible GFP indicating the destruction of glomerular structure. C) Proteinuria (arrow indicating Vitellogenin at 70kD band) in concentrated incubation medium of zebrafish larvae after MYO1E knock-down. BSA: bovine serum albumin. D) Histological sections at the level of the glomerulus in zebrafish injected Myo1e MO. The expanded Bowman’s space and destroyed glomeruli observed in MYO1E knock-down zebrafish compared with wild type zebrafish.