A) Wild type zebrafish at 4 day post fertilization (dpf).Arrow indicating the glomeruli with visible GFP. B) Phenotype of Myo1e morphants at 4 dpf (days post fertilization) with Myo1e specific knock-down morpholino injected.

<p>Note the pericardial edema (arrow) and invisible GFP indicating the destruction of glomerular structure. C) Proteinuria (arrow indicating Vitellogenin at 70kD band) in concentrated incubation medium of zebrafish larvae after <i>MYO1E</i> knock-down. BSA: bovine serum albumin. D) Histological sections at the level of the glomerulus in zebrafish injected Myo1e MO. The expanded Bowman’s space and destroyed glomeruli observed in <i>MYO1E</i> knock-down zebrafish compared with wild type zebrafish.</p>