A,B: Analysis of <i>IGF2R</i> DMR2 DNA methylation levels by bisulfite pyrosequencing.

<p>(<b>A</b>) Sequence of PCR amplified 287 bp fragment of differentially methylated region 2 (DMR2) used in pyrosequencing. Nucleotide positions according to the NCBI <i>Bos taurus</i> reference genome assembly are indicated, CpGs are underlined. (<b>B</b>) Means and standard errors of means for methylation levels at 21 CpG sites in liver (n = 12) and muscle (n = 12) samples. Methylation at CpG1 could not be determined as it was 5′ of the internal pyrosequencing primers (see materials and methods) Significant differences between tissues are indicated: *: <i>P</i><0.05, **: <i>P</i><0.01, ***: <i>P</i><0.001, ns: not significant.</p>