A,B: Analysis of IGF2R DMR2 DNA methylation levels by bisulfite pyrosequencing.

(A) Sequence of PCR amplified 287 bp fragment of differentially methylated region 2 (DMR2) used in pyrosequencing. Nucleotide positions according to the NCBI Bos taurus reference genome assembly are indicated, CpGs are underlined. (B) Means and standard errors of means for methylation levels at 21 CpG sites in liver (n = 12) and muscle (n = 12) samples. Methylation at CpG1 could not be determined as it was 5′ of the internal pyrosequencing primers (see materials and methods) Significant differences between tissues are indicated: *: P<0.05, **: P<0.01, ***: P<0.001, ns: not significant.