Y chromosome haplotypes Central Europe, Alps, Tyrol

2012-11-28T11:15:54Z (GMT) by Christian Rottensteiner
<p>Collection of haplotype datasets with Y-STR-markers formatted in FTDNA-table style. This allows to use them in Genetic Genealogy tools like McGee Y-Utility.</p> <p>Most haplotypes originate from the Y-STR profile surveys of laboratories with forensic background (12 or 17 STR markers). The spreadsheets in the appendix of Y-chromosome studies have been copied and adapted: arrangement of markers for FTDNA (2012), and Y GATA H4 conversion to FTDNA by NIST (-1). In addition, some Y-DNA sub-haplogroups are predicted. The prediction comes from the comparison with public data from FTDNA projects and is highly speculative. <br><br>Attention: this fileset is work in progress. Comments appreciated, especially about possible additional datasets.  <br></p> <p>Edit 28. Nov. 2012: added Rebala et al 2012 and Erhart et al 2012 + file renaming<br>Edit 5 Nov. 2012: added prediction corrections for J Haplogroup in Niederstaetter et al 2012<br>13 Aug. 2012: initial release with Thomas et al 2007 and Niederstaetter et al 2012<br></p>