Winter 2018 ESIP Meeting - Session: Information Quality - Progress on Many Fronts

The Information Quality Cluster (IQC) has been active over the last several years with the following goals as expressed in the Strategic Plan: 1. Bring together people from various disciplines to assess aspects of quality of Earth science data; 2. Establish and publish baseline of standards and best practices for data quality for adoption by inter-agency and international data providers; and 3. Build a framework for consistent capture, harmonization, and presentation of data quality for the purposes of climate change studies, Earth science and applications. As a part of accomplishing these goals, the IQC has been following progress in topics related to information quality in various organizations through either direct member participation, organizing open sessions at science and informatics conferences outside of ESIP (e.g., AGU), or a slate of invited speakers at monthly telecons. The purpose of this session was to report on the IQC’s progress and collect ideas for future work and collaboration. Presentation slides from the session are included.