Wikidata Human Gender Indicators

This is a collection of <b>Gender Indicators</b> from Wikidata and Wikipedia of Human Biographies. Data is derived from the <b>2016-01-03 Wikidata </b>snapshot.<br><br>Each file describe the humans in Wikidata aggregated by Gender (Property:P21), and dissaggregated by the following Wikidata Properties: <br>- <b>Date of Birth </b>(P569)<br>- <b>Date of Death </b>(P570)<br>- <b>Place of Birth</b> (P19)<br>- <b>Country of Citizenship</b> (P27)<br>- <b>Ethnic Group</b> (P172)<br>- <b>Field of Work</b> (P101)<br>- <b>Occupation</b> (P106)<br>- <b>Wikipedia Language</b> ("Sitelinks") <br>Further aggregations of the data are: <br>- <b>World Map</b> (Countries derived from place of birth and citizenship)<br>- <b>World Cultures</b> (Inglehart Welzel Map applied to World Map)<br>- <b>Gender Co-Occurence</b> (Humans with multiple genders).<br><br>Wikidata labels have be <b>translated to English</b> for convenience when possible. You may still see values with "QIDs" which means there was no English translation possible. In the case where there were multiple values, such as for occupation, the we count the gender as co-occuring with each occupation separately.<br><br>For more information.<br>