What might peer review look like in 2030?

2017-05-02T07:49:24Z (GMT) by BioMed Central
<p><i>‘What might <a>peer</a></i><i> review look like in 2030’</i> examines how  peer review can be improved for future generations of academics and offers key recommendations to the academic community. The report is based on the lively and progressive sessions at the <a href="http://events.biomedcentral.com/spoton/">SpotOn London</a> conference <u>held at Wellcome Collection Conference centre</u> in November 2016</p><p></p><p>It includes a collection of reflections on the history of peer review, current issues such as sustainability and ethics, while also casting a look into the future including advances such as preprint servers and AI applications. The contributions cover perspectives from the researcher, a librarian, publishers and others.   </p><div><div><div> </div> </div> </div>