Wellcome’s Open Access Policy Review – Consultation Analysis

Wellcome has conducted a review of its Open Access policy, with the aim of ensuring that publications stemming from our funding are used to maximise their benefit to health.

Following extensive stakeholder consultation, Wellcome is pleased to make available the core outputs of these activities.

Researcher Survey

The following survey was shared with all current Wellcome grantholders.

1.1 Researcher Report (Redacted)

1.2 Researcher Survey Analysis

Expert Evidence Gathering Session

Representatives of publishers, academic institutions and funding organisations submitted written and verbal evidence, summarised here:

2.1 External Evidence Session – Delegate Written Submissions

2.2 External Evidence Session – Meeting Summary

Open Consultation

Following an open consultation, where permission has been given, full responses have been made available along with analysis in the following documents:

3.1 Open Consultation Analysis

3.2 Open Consultation (data)

Focus Groups

We contracted The Nursery to undertake a series of focus groups looking at various Open Access options. The executive summary is provided here:

4.1 Focus Groups Executive Summary

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