Visualising U.S. gun laws

2018-03-10T10:46:01Z (GMT) by Guido Grimm
These files provide the data used for the following post on Genealogical World of Networks (http:///<br><br> <b>Grimm GW</b>. Posted 5/3/2018. Visualizing U.S. gun laws. <i>The Genealogical World of Phylogenetic Networks</i> (ed. by D. Morrison). <a href="" target="_top"></a><br><br>The data matrix scores GunsToCarry's breakdown of U.S. gun legislation as a set of 17 binary and ternary characters, which is then used to infer inter-state pairwise (mean/Hamming) distances. <br><br>I provide the data matrix in two formats:<br><b>*.nex</b> — A fully annotated version (character states labelled) generated with (and optimised for) Mesquite (<br><b>*.simple.nex </b>— Version in (old) NEXUS format (data block) showing the set-up for the distance analysis such as the used weighting scheme<br><br>Results are provided raw and graphically enhanced<br><b>*.dst</b> — the resultant pairwise distance matrix in (extended) PHYLIP format<br><b>*.dist</b> — the resultant neighbour-net, Splits-NEXUS-formatted (can be opened and visualised with SplitsTree,, and R/phangorn,<br><b>*.png</b> – graphically enhanced versions of the resultant neighbour-net as shown in the original post and the related long-read at Res.I.P. (http:///<br><br>Listed programmes are free-to-use software, *.simple.nex and *.dst files can also be viewed with any text-editor (*.nex and *.dist can be viewed but include complex additional code-lines)<br><br>