Vectored immunoprophylaxis mediates a protective effect against limiting dose SIVsmE660 swarm challenge in rhesus macaques.

<p>(A) Limiting dose intrarectal challenges were administered weekly as denoted in the Kaplan-Meier curve on the x-axis to animals receiving mAb (ITS01+ITS06.02) via AAV in our initial (blue, n = 6) and repeat (green, n = 4) groups or no mAb controls (gray, n = 24). Two animals were censored from analysis after challenge 2 due to false positive viral loads (vertical ticks) (B) Serum anti-SIV env transgene mAb was quantified and plotted (y-axis) versus time (x-axis) for mAb pretreated animals and four contemporaneous control animals. Diamonds indicate timepoint of infection corresponding to animals’ expression level line. Challenges at AID<sub>0.33</sub> are denoted as grey downward facing triangles above. (C) Plasma viral loads (y-axis) are plotted versus time post infection (x-axis).</p>