Validation of nursing diagnoses, interventions and outcomes in a pediatric clinic

ABSTRACT Objectives: To elaborate operational definitions for the Nomenclature nursing diagnoses, interventionsand outcomes of the Pediatric Clinic at a University Hospital and carry out a validation of the content and clinical aspects of this Nomenclature. Method: Methodological research, developed in two stages: documentary study, for the validation of content of the operational definitions of nursing diagnoses; and secondly applied research, via clinical cases, performed with children from 0 to 5 years. Results: The 126 diagnoses were submitted to consensus validation and 55.6% were validated. Six clinical case studies were carried out, using the phases of the nursing process, based on the theory of Basic Human Needs, identifying 24.3% of the validated diagnoses and 54.5% of the nursing interventions listed in the Nomenclature. Conclusion: The study showed the effectiveness of using the Nomenclature in the Pediatric Clinic, in order to optimize the care andquality of health services.