VBORNET gap analysis: Mosquito vector distribution models utilised to identify areas of potential species distribution in areas lacking records.

<p>The data package described here includes those mosquito species first modelled in 2013 & 2014 as part of the VBORNET gap analysis work.  It comprises three species models together with suitability masks based on land class and environmental limits.  The species included as part of this phase are, the mosquitoes <i>Aedes vexans, Anopheles plumbeu</i>s and <i>Culex modestus.</i></p><p><i>This data is presented in the Open Health Data  Journal.<br></i></p><p>Contributors to the VBORNet database that was used to train the models are listed below:</p><p>Adolfo Ibanez Justicia, Alessandro Albieri, Ana Klobucar, Andrea Mosca, Andreas Krüger, Anita Plenge-Bönig, Carla A. Sousa, Carles Aranda, Didier Fontenille, Dusan Petric, Elena Falcuta, Enkelejda Dikolli, Francisco Collantes, Gernot Walder, Hakan Kavur, Igor Pajovic, Jacob Beeuwkes, Maria Joao Alves, Mauro Piazzi, Miguel Angel Miranda Chueca, Mikov Ognyan, Milda Zygutiene, Peter Hufnagl, Renato Zamburlini, Roger Eritja, Sandra Gewehr, Tomas Montalvo, Yvon Perrin, Edith Bucher, Ruben Bueno Mari, Katja Kalan, Liviu Prioteasa, Bulent Alten, Filiz Gunay.</p>