Use of Prohexadione Calcium on Grass Species Development

ABSTRACT: This study has aimed to evaluate the effect of prohexadione-calcium as a plant growth regulator on growth and quality of Japanese lawn grass, Broadleaf carpet grass and Bermudagrass. The treatments and doses of the prohexadione-calcium tested with two three reapplications were 27.5, 55.0, 110.0, 165.0 and 165.0 g a.i. ha-1, and a control without application of a growth regulator. Visual injury evaluations were performed using a scale of scores and plant height and chipping dry matter were determined. We have evaluated the total thickness of the sod grass, root length and dry matter of this material at the end of the experimental period. The study was arranged in a completely randomized design with four replications. The results were submitted to analysis of variance by F-test and the averages of the treatments were compared by t test at 5% probability. The prohexadione-calcium plant growth regulator was visually selective and reduced shoot growth of the three species of grass and can thus be used in the management of lawns in gardens and sports areas. As for the production of sod grass, the prohexadione-calcium can be recommended for Japanese lawn grass and Broadleaf sod grass, especially doses 165.0+165.0 and 55.0+55.0+55.0 respectively, because they have provided a better quality sod grass. For Bermudagrass, the effect of the treatments was harmful for the quality of sod grass and is not recommended for production purposes.