Unexpected C-C bond cleavage of α-nitroketone in the presence of TsNBr<sub>2</sub>: A new pathway for C-N bond formation

2016-02-06T20:33:48Z (GMT) by Manas Jyoti Sarma Prodeep Phukan
<p>A new catalyst-free protocol for C-N bond formation via the cleavage of <i>α</i>-nitroketone has been developed. When <i>α</i> -nitroketones are treated with TsNBr<sub>2</sub> in the presence of potassium carbonate, unexpected cleavage of C(O)-CHNO<sub>2</sub> bond of <i>α</i> -nitroketone was observed followed by the formation of corresponding amide. Various nitroketones could be converted to corresponding amide using this procedure.</p>