Two seven-coordinate Mn(II) complexes derived from pentadentate ligands: Structural characterization and investigation of photophysical properties

2017-08-04T19:23:50Z (GMT) by Muhammet Kose
<p>Two mononuclear Mn(II) complexes derived from pentadentate ligands were prepared and characterized. Molecular structures of the complexes were determined by X-ray diffraction studies. Mn(II) ions in both structures are seven-coordinate with approximate pentagonal bipyramidal geometry where the pyridinediimine unit and phenolic or alcoholic oxygen atoms (N<sub>3</sub>O<sub>2</sub>) of the ligand are located at the pentagonal plane and two exogenous ligands at the axial positions. In the structure of [Mn(HL<sub>2</sub>)Cl(CH<sub>3</sub>OH)]·2(CH<sub>3</sub>OH), methanol solvates link complex molecules into a 1D hydrogen-bonded chain. Emission spectra of the complexes show only one emission band in the 595–625 nm range upon excitation in the 585–615 nm range.</p>