Trend of Observed and Projected Extreme Climate Indices in Minas Gerais State

<p></p><p>Abstract Climate extreme indices of temperature and precipitation over Minas Gerais are analyzed by using 19 General Circulation Models belonging to the CMIP5 in 1948-2005 period and during the periods of 2041-2070 and 2071-2100. The Reanalysis (NCEP / NCAR) data is also used for the 1948-2005 period for comparison with simulations models, as well as, conventional meteorological station data for the 1961-2014 period. Trend analysis of these indices is made through the statistical Mann-Kendall and Sen’s Slope estimator for spatial means of the indexes in two study areas: north and south of Minas Gerais (NMG and SMG, respectively). Generally, the temperature-related indices have higher tendencies of values than the precipitation rates, are significant in most and show an increase of hot days and nights and a reduction of cold days and nights in Minas Gerais. Regarding to precipitation, even with few significant amounts, one can observe an increase in dry conditions in the NMG region and humid conditions in the SMG, intensifying the existing differences in the state. Therefore, these results may have important implications for studies of climatic extremes and monitoring activities of the extreme features of temperature and rainfall in Minas Gerais.</p><p></p>