Transcript profiles of candidate genes in dehydration-stressed leaf segments

Transcripts were quantified by reverse transcription, real-time PCR of leaf RNA isolated during the dehydration-stress period (open symbols) or during control incubation on water–agar (filled symbols). RNA was extracted from either non-bombarded (filled triangles, open squares) or bombarded (filled diamonds, open circles) leaf segments. The time at which the relative fresh weight of detached, air-dried leaf segments had reached 55% was set to zero. Transcript abundance is expressed as the ratio between the gene of interest and the control gene . Mean values ±range from two independent PCR experiments using the same cDNA samples are shown.

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Taken from "A transient assay system for the assessment of cell-autonomous gene function in dehydration-stressed barley"

Journal of Experimental Botany 2008;59(12):3359-3369.

Published online 18 Jul 2008