Traditional Mediterranean plants: characterization and use of an essential oils mixture to treat <i>Malassezia</i> otitis externa in atopic dogs

<p>Several plants extracts from Mediterranean countries are traditionally employed in skin troubles both in humans and in animals. <i>Malassezia pachydermatis</i> is a lipophylic yeast responsible for otitis externa and dermatitis in dogs and for cutaneous and systemic disease in humans. Five mixtures of essential oils obtained from Mediterranean plants (<i>Citrus paradisi, Salvia sclarea</i>, <i>Ocimum basilicum</i>, <i>Rosmarinus officinalis</i>, <i>Citrus limon, Anthemis nobilis, Lavandula hybrida</i> and <i>Thymus vulgaris</i>) provided with antifungal and/or anti-inflammatory action assayed <i>in vitro</i>, were tested <i>in vivo</i> versus <i>M. pachydermatis</i> to treat once daily for 2 weeks 25 atopic dogs with <i>Malassezia</i> otitis externa. Mixture composed by <i>C. limon</i> 1%, <i>S. sclarea</i> 0,5%, <i>R. officinalis</i> 1%, <i>A. nobilis</i> 0,5% yielded excellent results in all treated dogs. Despite of clinical resolution after all treatments the number of blastospores did not decrease. This study confirms recent findings suggesting a multifactorial alternative approach for the management of canine <i>Malassezia</i> otitis.</p>