Tianmuthredo davei Taeger & Kramp, 2017, paratype, female

2018-01-03T17:44:48Z (GMT) by Andreas Taeger Katja Kramp
Tianmuthredo davei Taeger & Kramp, 2017, paratype<br><br><br>Taeger, A. & Kramp, K. (2017): Tianmuthredo davei (Hymenoptera:Tenthredinidae), a New Species from the Russian Far East. – Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington, 119(Special Issue): 864-878.<br><br>Colour photos were taken by A. Taeger with a Leica DFC 495 digital camera and a Leica M405 C stereomicroscope. Composite images with an extended depth of field were created from stacks of images using the software CombineZP, and finally arranged and partly enhanced with Ulead PhotoImpact X3.<br>For the SEM study a whole specimen was sputtered with gold and palladium. Images were made by C. Kutzscher on a SEM JSM-6060LV (JEOL) at 1.9 kV acceleration voltage.<br>