The thickness of DMPFC is reduced in Slc1a1+/- mice but VMPFC thickness remains unchanged.

Representative images (A) and morphometric analysis (B) of prefrontal cortex in Nissl-stained sagittal brain sections of Slc1a1-HET (n = 8) and WT (n = 5) mice. A) The length of individual cortical layers was measured in duplicate on two different sections for each animal, in both the DMPFC and VMPFC areas. B) A two-way (Sex x Genotype) repeated measures ANOVA combining all available measurements for each of the layers as well as the total cortical thickness was performed. WT, wildtype; HET, Slc1a1-heterozygous; DMPFC, dorsomedial prefrontal cortex; VMPFC, ventromedial prefrontal cortex.