The scope and implications of spirituality: a dual approach

2017-12-01T09:27:47Z (GMT) by Anselmo Ferreira Vasconcelos
<div><p>Abstract This paper sheds more light on the topic of spirituality by clarifying what it embraces by means of a dual approach: it examines the secular literature as well as collecting related teachings and tenets from Spiritism Doctrine. Although the discipline of spirituality is relatively young and its ontology needs consensus, it is noticeable that spirituality adopts different and competing things. It unfolds through the deep understanding about the meaning of life, human nature, and the adoption of a transcendental perspective. It argues that we live in a suitable moment on this planet to take advantage of transformative potential derived from spiritual knowledge for the betterment of the human community. The evidence gathered here shows that by developing our own spirituality we can transform ourselves and our creations, including society and institutions. The approach of this endeavor reveals that both science and religion agree that the spiritual element permeates all things.</p></div>