The role of scholar psychologist: Conceptions of teachers and managers

<p></p><p>Abstract Historically, the performance of the psychologist in the school context has been characterized by the clinical model rather than by more systemic and institutional models. The present study aimed to describe the teachers' and managers' conceptions about the role of the school psychologist. Thirty-eight members of the administrative-pedagogical team and teachers of a private school participated in this research, which were interviewed in the school itself, and categories of analysis were constructed. The results show that managers and teachers think the school psychologist as a 'specialist', but also as an 'auxiliary' professional. In addition, there were reports of ignorance of the functions of the psychologist. According to the participants, the psychologist should act primarily with the students. Similar concepts were found in other studies, despite the acknowledgment of criticisms of this model. It is important to emphasize the importance of interventions with a focus on prevention and promotion of development.</p><p></p>