The public impact of open access research: A survey of SciELO users

2015-04-25T03:39:03Z (GMT) by Juan Pablo Alperin Sophie Pouyanne
<p>Summary of study conducted between March and July, 2014 by placing a series of single-question pop-up surveys on the SciELO Brazil, Chile, and Mexico open access journal portals. 17,575 responses were collected with a 49% response rate. Key findings: ~25% of use was found to be from non-academic users, and ~50% from students. This poster presents a summary of some of the findings of this study. </p> <p>Poster presented at the ARCS Conference: Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship, Philadelphia, April 26-28, 2015. </p> <p>JPA did the research; SP designed the poster. </p> <p> </p>