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The phylogeny of Lepidopteran PRs.

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posted on 14.06.2017, 17:47 by Bo Feng, Qianshuang Guo, Kaidi Zheng, Yuanxia Qin, Yongjun Du

The tree was rooted with Orco lineage (yellow color). Bootstrap values < 50% are not shown. Genes of O. emarginata, O. brumata, and other noctuid species are indicated by black circles, black triangles, and diamonds, respectively. Clusters PRI—PRIV for type I pheromones are indicated in red, green, purple, and blue, respectively. Aseg, A. segetum, Atra, Amyelois transitella, Bmor, B. mori, Harm, H. armigera, Hvir, H. virescens, Obru, O. brumata, Oema, O. emarginata, Onub, O. nubilalis, Pxyl, P. xylostella, Sexi, S. exigua, Slit, S. litura.