The image as body: reflections on language and art restoration through Neri di Bicci's Ricordanze 1453-7

2017-11-21T05:35:21Z (GMT) by CYNTHIA TROUP
Concentrating at first on the language which informs and articulates contemporary practices in art restoration, The Image as Body discusses those commissions from Neri di Bicci's shop-book that involve pre-existing religious images. In providing a cultural context for this fifteenth-century Florentine 'restoration' work, the author also advances a reevaluation of the terms of Neri di Bicci's art-historical reputation. The Image as Body layers a series of readings, broadly exploring connections between processes of history, of professional self-representation, of describing and playing out social relationships to material images.<div><br></div><div>Publisher: Monash University. Faculty of Arts. Department of History.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>Copyright 1998 Department of History, Monash University<br></div>