The fascicle mechanical properties

The quantitative data relating to the derived fascicle mechanical properties are contained in a MS Excel file, mechprop.xls

The file contains the following worksheets, namely 'Fascicle diameters', 'Derived parameters', 'Mean-individual mouse' and 'Mean-age group'. The data in the 'Derived parameters' worksheet have been derived using the algorithm found in the code 'strainenergy_v4_1.m'. This dataset was used in the study reported in the paper, Goh et al. 2012, J. Applied Physiology, 113: 878–888, 2012. Of note, an earlier version of the strainenergy code has generated a dataset (see Goh et al. 2008, ASME J Biomech Eng, 13: 021011) which yielded slightly different values of sU and E to those reported in these worksheets, namely 'Derived parameters', 'Mean-individual mouse', and 'Mean-age-group'. However, the age-variation trend in the values reported in the current worksheets, the final quantitative results (i.e. statistical conclusions) and the interpretations are still the same as those reported in the Goh et al. 2008 paper.