The entire OpenCitations Corpus triplestore data dump, archived on 2017-10-25

2017-11-06T12:10:47Z (GMT) by OpenCitations ​
This archive contains the dump of the OpenCitations Corpus (OCC, triplestore (Blazegraph,, licensed in GPLv2) containing all the data of the corpus, and created regularly every month.

After unzipping the archive, Disk ARchive (DAR,, a multi-platform archive tool for managing huge amount of data) is needed for recreating the whole structure. For extracting the DAR archive, please run the command

dar -x [archive-name]

Where "[archive-name"] is the name of the DAR file without final package number and extension. E.g.:

dar -x 2016-09-23-triplestore

Please execute "" for running the triplestore, and use "" for stopping it.

For further questions, comments, and suggestions please don't hesitate to contact Silvio Peroni at