The Teaching Practice of Youth and Adult Education in the Prison System

<p></p><p>Abstract The present article aims to understand the dynamics of pleasure and suffering relating to the work of youth and adult education teachers in prisons. It is based theoretically and methodologically in the Psychodynamics of Work that addresses the health of the worker. The qualitative method was used, performing individual interviews, semi-structured with ten teachers of Youth and Adult Education who work in prison. The analysis of the results showed that the organization of prisons interferes directly in the activities of these teachers. The relationship with the student is experienced as a moment of work pleasure, since the teachers find the recognition of their work activity at that moment, but they make reference to the prejudice that suffer from the society by the fact of working in the prisional space, the relatives, the colleagues of the regular network of education and of other areas of professional performance and within the own prison system. In conclusion, thinking about the work process necessarily involves a reflection on limits and possibilities, but mainly on responsibilities towards this population deprived of freedom.</p><p></p>