The PatchDock user interface

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Taken from "PatchDock and SymmDock: servers for rigid and symmetric docking"

Nucleic Acids Research 2005;33(Web Server issue):W363-W367.

Published online 27 Jun 2005


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() The request form of PatchDock. The receptor molecule and the ligand molecule are given either by the PDB code of the molecule (chain IDs are optional) or by uploading a file in PDB format. () The solutions page presents the geometric score, interface area size and desolvation energy of the 20 top scoring solutions. The user can use the ‘show next 20’ button to view solutions of lower score. The user can download each solution by pressing the solution link in the rightmost column or download an archive file (ZIP format) of the best solutions using the action button at the bottom of the page.




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