The MIDI Linked Data Cloud

2017-05-10T08:11:49Z (GMT) by Albert Meroño-Peñuela Rinke Hoekstra
The study of music is highly interdisciplinary, and thus requires the combination of datasets from multiple musical domains, such as catalog metadata (authors, song titles, dates), industrial records (labels, producers, sales), and music notation (scores). While today an abundance of music metadata exists on the Linked Open Data cloud, datasets containing interoperable symbolic descriptions of music itself, i.e. music notation with note and instrument level information, are scarce. This is the MIDI Linked Data Cloud, a dataset that represents multiple collections of digital music in the MIDI standard format as Linked Data. At the time of writing, the dataset comprises 10,215,557,355 triples of 308,443 interconnected MIDI scores, and provides Web-compatible descriptions of their MIDI events.