The Electromagnetic Spectrum Detection Limits and Observation Principles for an earth Observer with Correlated Electromagnetic Spectrum Zones

2014-01-13T15:17:03Z (GMT) by Gilbert Beaudry

A critical laboratory experiment, recorded observations from the universe, and physical experiences in natural occurring examples within our living zones empirically derive that there is a strong energy detection and a weak energy detection which generate observable and measurable phenomenon by a process I termed electromagnetic spectrum detection limits. 

This means that observation made from the universe may be depending on location, contemporaneous, which requires the earth observer to make right decisions of what is seen - therefore I have formulated new scientific perception skills known as observation principles to overcome any errors, known as errors of perception.

There is also a correlation generated from the process of electromagnetic spectrum detection limits and the observation of electromagnetic spectrum zones such as the cosmic microwave background radiation and infrared galaxies.

The conclusions gained from the laboratory experiment will fundamental change our understanding of the universe and many hypothesizes can be formulated from the results to which will resolve many unexplained abnormalities, improve interconnecting theories, and cement underlying assumptions to provide better and greater scientific reasoning and clarity.