The Chemlambda collection of simulations

2017-03-12T22:01:51Z (GMT) by Marius Buliga
These are the html/d3.js outputs of simulations used for the creation of the animations from the original chemlambda collection, which is no longer available. The collection has been salvaged and improved. A big part of it is now available at [1], [1'].

The original outcomes of the simulations used are archived here.

The archived simulations are all obtained from using the tools at the chemlambda Github repository [2] and molecules (i.e. chemlambda graphs) which are available at the Library of chemlambda molecules [3].

I strongly suggest to read carefully the material available at the chemlambda page [2'] and to follow the links from there, to all the repositories and experiments with chemlambda.

The general (but not 100% used) rule of correspondence between the html outputs and the molecules used is the following: the name of the molecule used for creating file*.html is file.mol. This correspondence is solved automatically in the updated collection.

Any of the simulations can be seen by opening the respective html file in a browser. It appears that different browsers have different performances, I suggest to use Safari, or Chrome for the best results.

For convenience, the files d3.min.js and jquery.min.js are also present. You need to download them too and put them in the same folder where the html file(s) is(are) saved.

The simulations will be used for further references, where they will be grouped into series relevant for different subjects related to chemlambda.