The Bluebird Rail Data

2016-03-01T14:48:45Z (GMT) by Auriel Fournier
<i>I combed through as many issues of The Bluebird (the publication of the Audubon Society of Missouri for all records of Sora, Virginia Rail, Yellow Rail, King Rail and Black Rail. Those data are included here. <br><br></i><div><i><br></i></div><div><i>species = the four letter alpha code for each species</i></div><div><i>year = the year the observation happened</i></div><div><i>month = the month the observation happened</i></div><div><i>day = the day the observation happened</i></div><div><i>location = the location as described in The Bluebird</i></div><div><i>county = if given, the county the observation was in</i></div><div><i>number = number of individuals, if count not given, entered a 1</i></div><div><i>volume = volume of The Bluebird</i></div><div><i>issue = issue of The Bluebird </i></div>