The ADV/ASV AATSR aerosol retrieval algorithm: current status and presentation of a full-mission AOD dataset

<p>An advanced along-track scanning radiometer (AATSR) global multi-year aerosol retrieval algorithm is described. Over land, the AATSR dual-view (ADV) algorithm utilizes the measured top of the atmosphere (TOA) reflectance in both the nadir and forward views to decouple the contributions of the atmosphere and the surface to retrieve aerosol properties. Over ocean, the AATSR single-view (ASV) algorithm minimizes the discrepancy between the measured and modelled TOA reflectances in one of the views to retrieve the aerosol information using an ocean reflectance model. Necessary steps to process global, multi-year aerosol information are presented. These include cloud screening, the averaging of measured reflectance, and post-processing. Limitations of the algorithms are also discussed. The main product of the aerosol retrieval is the aerosol optical depth (AOD) at visible/near-infrared wavelengths. The retrieved AOD is validated using data from the surface-based AERONET and maritime aerosol network (MAN) sun photometer networks as references. The validation shows good agreement with the reference (<i>r</i> = 0.85, RMSE = 0.09 over land; <i>r</i> = 0.83, RMSE = 0.09 at coasts and <i>r</i> = 0.96, RMSE = 0.06 over open ocean). The results of the aerosol retrievals are presented for the full AATSR mission years 2002–2012 with seasonally averaged time series for selected regions.</p>