Textured soy protein, collagen and maltodextrin as extenders to improve the physicochemical and sensory properties of beef burger

<div><p>Abstract Non-meat ingredients have been added as extenders to variety of meat products, such as beef burger, to improve some properties. Textured soy protein (TSP), collagen (CL) and maltodextrin (MD); and their combinations (TSPCL, TSPMD, CLMD and TSPCLMD) were added to beef burgers and then the effect on physicochemical and sensory properties was evaluated. MD and TSPMD presented higher yield and TSPMD showed lower value for the shrinkage analysis; these results showed the positive influence of the maltodextrin in reducing water loss. CL and TSPCL were harder than the control treatment. CLMD had higher approval in sensorial acceptance than MD and TSPCL. The addition of these extenders in the beef burgers improved the cooking properties, texture and sensorial acceptance, showing the importance of the addition of these ingredients to the final product.</p></div>