Tenthredo cockerelli (Rohwer, 1925), from Hebei

2016-09-07T11:40:38Z (GMT) by Andreas Taeger
<b><i>Tenthredo cockerelli</i></b> (Rohwer, 1925)<br>Female specimen from Hebei, China.<br><i><br>Tenthredella</i> <i>cockerelli<b> </b></i>Rohwer, 1925: 10-11<br><br>Photos were taken at the SDEI with a Leica DFC 495 digital camera and M205 C microscope. Composite images with an extended depth of field were created from stacks of images using the software CombineZP, and finally arranged and partly enhanced with Ulead PhotoImpact X3<br><br>Rohwer, S. A. 1925: Sawflies from the Maritime Province of Siberia. - Proceedings of the United States National Museum, Washington 68: 1-12.<br>Taeger, A.; Wei, M.; Shinohara, A. 2016: Sibling species in Tenthredo Linné (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae): the status of some East Asian taxa. - Euroasian Entomological Journal 15, Supplement 1: 156-164.<br>