Teaching mathematics from the perspective of Mathematics as a discourse

2017-12-01T03:03:35Z (GMT) by Ronaldo Barros Ripardo
<div><p>Abstract: The discussion presented in this article is based on the theoretical principles of Sfard in considering Mathematics a discourse, characterized by the use of words, visual mediators, endorsed narratives and routines. Endorsed narratives are taken as a similar category to Marcuschi's discussion with regard to the text, assumed to be - roughly - a sociodiscursive realization through text genres. Thus, the objective of this text is to discuss the teaching of mathematical discourse in light of the theoretical assumptions of textual linguistics for teaching text genres. Based on the didactic sequence model proposed by Dolz, Noverraz and Schneuwly, this study presents a general architecture as a proposal for a didactic sequence for teaching school mathematical discourse to develop an exploration routine, understood as an action that leads to the production of a mathematical fact/theory.</p></div>