Tari Japin Melayu (II)

2017-07-06T02:36:45Z (GMT) by Kartomi, Margaret J. Kartomi, Hidris
For male or male/female participants. A group of around 10 young men and women performing the japin dance, also known as zapin, accompanied by a group of musicians playing a set of 4 hand drums (marwas) and a violin. In this image, only 5 of the young men and women are seen and the musicians are not visible. The men are dancing around their female partners, with both genders performing the same or complementary special steps and hand movements. Tari Japin Melayu can also be accompanied by an orkes (ensemble) gambus comprising a singer of pantun verse in Malay, a fretless short-necked lute (gambus), a violin, a set of 4 small hand drums (marwas) and a rebana (frame drum). The dance has an introduction, several sections and a conclusion. It is believed to have derived from the Hadramaut in present day Yemen. Copyright 1982. Notes prepared by Bronia Kornhauser with Margaret Kartomi, School of Music-Conservatorium, Monash University. Photography by Hidris Kartomi.