Tarannum Khan- The Tabla Player

2017-07-19T11:56:47Z (GMT) by Tarannum Khan
<p><br> In a country where tabla is one of the most important percussion instruments in any kind of music, we hardly see female participants coming forward to learn the same. There's one female who wants to break the trend. 56 year old Tarannum Khan from Aligarh, is born in a family of percussionists. <br> <br> With generations of musicians in the family, Tarannum Khan was keen on learning the Tabla since she was 3 year old. An age when females of the family where kept away from learning the art, Tarannum's father Junaid felt otherwise. He started teaching his daughter when the other members of the family weren't around. Soon he realized he had made a right decision. Tarannum was quick to pick up the finger movements along with the understanding of beats and rhythm. Junaid knew this girl will grow to make him proud. He started moulding the thoughts of the elders in his family. Seeing Tarannum's progress and inclination to learn the elders taught her the nuances and soon she was one of the prime members of the family who earned accolades in the family shows in India and abroad. <br> <br> All through her career Tarannum Khan has focussed on encouraging other female members come up and grow beyond singing. She now runs a tabla academy in Daulataganj and teaches female students personally. </p><p>Visit us @ http://www.tarannumkhan.info/</p>