Table S1; Table S2 from Recognition of endophytic <i>Trichoderma</i> species by leaf-cutting ants and their potential in a Trojan-horse management strategy

Origins of <i>Trichoderma</i> isolated from leaves cut by <i>Atta sexdens rubropilosa</i> in Viçosa-MG/Brazil. Rejected leaves were considered to be those scattered by the ants above or at the side of the nest entrances. Carried leaves were taken from ants as they were being transported to the nest.; Estimates of evolutionary divergence (p-distance) over sequence pairs between species in the <i>T. harzianum</i> complex. The analyss is based on number of base differences per site from averaging over the entire elongation factor (TEF1) sequence. The analysis involved 184 nucleotide sequences. All ambiguous positions were removed for each sequence pair. There were a total of 486 positions in the final dataset.