TOR signaling downregulation increases resistance to the cereal killer <i>Fusarium graminearum</i>

<p>TOR is the master regulator of growth and development that senses energy availability. Biotic stress perturbs metabolic and energy homeostasis, making TOR a good candidate to participate in the plant response. <i>Fusarium graminearum</i> (<i>Fusarium</i>) produces important losses in many crops all over the world. To date, the role of TOR in <i>Fusarium</i> infection has remained unexplored. Here, we show that the resistance to the pathogen increases in different <i>Arabidopsis</i> mutants impaired in TOR complex or in wild-type plants treated with a TOR inhibitor. We conclude that TOR signaling is involved in plant defense against <i>Fusarium</i>.</p>