Synthesis, structure, DNA binding studies and nuclease activities of two luminescent neodymium complexes

<p>Two neodymium(III) complexes, [Nd(Phen)(NO<sub>3</sub>)<sub>3</sub>(DMF)<sub>2</sub>] (<b>1</b>) and [Nd(Phen)<sub>2</sub>(NO<sub>3</sub>)<sub>3</sub>] (<b>2</b>) (phen = 1,10-phenanthroline; DMF = dimethylformamide), have been synthesized with a view to design artificial luminescent nucleases and nuclease mimics. The complexes were characterized by spectroscopic, powder, and single crystal XRD studies. The complexes, as expected, have luminescent properties. The DNA binding studies of both complexes have been carried out by spectroscopic studies e.g. electronic absorption (UV–Vis), fluorescence emission as well as viscosity measurements. The nuclease activity of the complexes has been established by gel electrophoresis using pUC19 circular plasmid DNA. The results of DNA binding as well as DNA cleavage activity and the model studies of interaction with <i>p</i>NPP indicate that both neodymium complexes demonstrate nuclease activity through phosphoester bond cleavage.</p>