Synthesis and fungicidal activity of aryl(arylamino)methylphosphonic acids

2016-05-11T17:13:20Z (GMT) by Haiqin Wang Hao Peng Hongwu He
<p>A series of aryl(arylamino)methylphosphonic acids were synthesized based on the previous work for the modification of alkylphosphonates. As key intermediates, α-aminophosphonates were synthesized with high yield by a three-component Kabachnik–Fields reaction under solvent-free conditions. The compounds were identified and characterized by infrared, <sup>1</sup>H NMR, <sup>13</sup>C NMR, mass spectrum, and elemental analyses. Their fungicidal activities against typical fungi occurring in the Chinese agro-ecosystems were evaluated. The results of preliminary bioassays showed that some of the title compounds exhibited moderate fungicidal activities against tomato late blight and cucumber fusarium wilt. For example, compound <b>3b</b> showed 78% inhibitory activity against tomato late blight, and compound <b>3h</b> possessed 86% inhibitory activity against cucumber fusarium wilt.</p>