Surface model for pedal phalanges of Parasaurolophus sp. (Hadrosauridae: Dinosauria)

2013-10-22T10:48:46Z (GMT) by Andrew Farke
<p><strong>Description:</strong> This dataset includes 3D surface models for right pedal phalanges (III-2 and III-3) from RAM 14000, a hadrosaurid dinosaur referred to <em>Parasaurolophus</em> sp.</p> <p><strong>Taxon:</strong> <em>Parasaurolophus</em> sp. (Lambeosaurinae: Hadrosauridae: Ornithischia: Dinosauria)</p> <p><strong>Specimen:</strong> RAM 14000, Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology, Claremont, California, USA. This catalog number comprises the articulated skull and skeleton of a single individual.</p> <p><strong>Locality and Horizon:</strong> Locality RAM V200921, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Garfield County, Utah, USA; upper part of middle unit of the Kaiparowits Formation (late Campanian, Cretaceous). Detailed locality data are on file at the RAM and are available to qualified investigators upon request.</p> <p><strong>File Information:</strong> The original point cloud was captured using a NextEngine 3D color laser scanner (NextEngine, Inc., Santa Monica, California), in September 2013. A total of 16 individual scans (2 sets of 8 divisions each, with 45 degree rotation of the specimen between scans) were acquired at a resolution of 6,200 points/cm^2. The individual scans were stitched together in ScanStudio HD Pro 1.3.2 (NextEngine, Inc., Santa Monica, California) and fused into a single watertight mesh (0.000254 cm tolerance, 10 pixel texture blending, 0.5 resolution ratio). The resulting mesh had 82.072 points and 127,256 triangles, and is scaled so that 1 unit equals 1 mm. Data were exported in PLY, OBJ, and STL formats, with a total size of 25.3 Mb; these files were compressed into a single ZIP archive, at 8.57 Mb.</p> <p><strong>Additional Information:</strong> RAM 14000 was collected under United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management Paleontological Resources Use Permit (surface collection permit UT06-001S and excavation permit UT10-006E-Gs). The specimen is accessioned into the permanent collection of the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology (RAM), Claremont, California, USA.</p> <p>The Alf Museum kindly requests that any publications resulting from these data acknowledge the museum and cite this dataset as well as the original Farke et al. publication, and that a link to or copy of any resulting publications be forwarded to the museum director and/or curator.</p> <p><strong>Publication Citation:</strong> Farke, A. A., D. J. Chok, A. Herrero, B. Scolieri, and S. Werning. 2013. Ontogeny in the tube-crested dinosaur <em>Parasaurolophus</em> (Hadrosauridae) and heterochrony in hadrosaurids. <em>PeerJ</em> 1:e182.</p> <p> </p>