Supplemental Figure 3 from Modulation of social space by dopamine in <i>Drosophila melanogaster,</i> but no effect on the avoidance of the <i>Drosophila</i> stress odorant

Altered social spacing in biosynthesis genetic and pharmacologic manipulation of Dopamine synthesis. Social spacing during the day (A) and evening (B), and locomotion (C) of dopamine-deficient flies DTHg FS±; ple. D-E: Social spacing of Males (M) and Females (F) overexpressing catsup-RNAi under a TH-Gal4 driver (D), or mutant for catsup (Cat26/+) and pale (ple2/+) (E). F: Social spacing, G: dSO avoidance and H: locomotion, of male flies fed 3-IT and L-DOPA. Letters indicate groups that are statistically different in multiple comparisons (see supplemental table).