Supplement 4. Pollen counts for the past 3000 years for Raven, Uchugrak, Poktovik, and Little Isac lakes.

<h2>File List</h2><blockquote> <a href="Supp4Files/LI07_pollenCounts.csv">LI07_pollenCounts.csv</a><br> <a href="Supp4Files/PO07_pollenCounts.csv">PO07_pollenCounts.csv</a><br> <a href="Supp4Files/RA07_pollenCounts.csv">RA07_pollenCounts.csv</a><br> <a href="Supp4Files/UC07_pollenCounts.csv">UC07_pollenCounts.csv</a> </blockquote><h2>Description</h2><blockquote> <p>File names reference site codes, where "XX" is a place holder for the site codes for Raven (RA), Uchugrak (UC), Poktovik (PO) and Little Isac (LI) lakes, all collected in 2007. Each file contains information on sample depth, sample age, tracers added, tracer concentration, and tracers counted (for calculating pollen accumulation rates). Rows = samples. Columns = sample identification OR taxon, as follows, with all units as counts, unless otherwise indicated below:</p> <blockquote> <p>finalTopCm [cm]<br> calYrBP [cal. yr BP]<br> sedVol [cm3]<br> tracersAdded [count]<br> meanTracer [count] Mean number of tracers per tablet.<br> stdTracer [count] Standard deviation for mean number of tracers per table.<br> tracersCounted [count] Number of tracers counted in sample.<br> AlnusIncana<br> AlnusViridis<br> Alnus<br> Betula<br> Picea<br> Populus<br> Salix<br> Apiaceae<br> Artemsia<br> Brassicaceae<br> Caryophyllaceae<br> Chenopodiaceae<br> Cyperaceae<br> Drosera<br> Epilobium<br> Ericaceae<br> Fabaceae<br> Liguliflorae<br> Lilliaceae<br> Poaceae<br> Polemoniaceae<br> Polygonaceae<br> Ranunulaccea<br> Rosaceae<br> Saussurea<br> Saxifragaceae<br> Scriohaleriaceae<br> Tubuliflorae<br> Urticaceae<br> Calitriche<br> Equisetum<br> Isoetes<br> Myriophyllum<br> Nymphaea<br> Pediastrum<br> Potomogetan<br> Sparganium<br> Typha<br> Sphagnum<br> Lycopodium<br> Botryococcus<br> MonoleteSpore<br> TrileteSpore<br> Degraded<br> Aquatic Sum [count] Total aquatic grains counted.<br> Terrestrial Sum [count] Total terrestrial grains counted.</p> <p>Missing values: none.</p> <p>Checksum values:</p> <blockquote> LI07_pollenCounts.csv: 9 rows (with headers), 53 columns <blockquote> Column 1 (final depth top (cm)): 259.25<br> Column 2 (cal BP): 13896.17<br> Column 7 (TRACERS): 469<br> Column 10 (Alnus): 534<br> Column 20 (Cyperaceae): 510<br> Column 30 (Ranunculaceae): 10<br> Column 40 (Myriophyllum): 11<br> Column 50 (trilete spore): 9 </blockquote> PO07_pollenCounts.csv: 10 rows (with headers), 53 columns <blockquote> Column 1 (final depth top (cm)): 282.84<br> Column 2 (cal BP): 11462.43<br> Column 7 (TRACERS): 531<br> Column 10 (Alnus): 866<br> Column 20 (Cyperaceae): 569 <br> Column 30 (Ranunculaceae): 3<br> Column 40 (Myriophyllum): 14<br> Column 50 (trilete spore): 7 </blockquote> RA07_pollenCounts.csv: 10 rows (with headers), 53 columns <blockquote> Column 1 (final depth top (cm)): 405.91<br> Column 2 (cal BP): 14434.45<br> Column 7 (TRACERS): 1199<br> Column 10 (Alnus): 757<br> Column 20 (Cyperaceae): 624<br> Column 30 (Ranunculaceae): 12<br> Column 40 (Myriophyllum): 10<br> Column 50 (trilete spore): 22 </blockquote> UC07_pollenCounts.csv: 16 rows (with headers), 53 columns <blockquote> Column 1 (final depth top (cm)): 890.5<br> Column 2 (cal BP): 23349.75<br> Column 7 (TRACERS): 551<br> Column 10 (Alnus): 1484<br> Column 20 (Cyperaceae): 1116<br> Column 30 (Ranunculaceae): 8<br> Column 40 (Myriophyllum): 17<br> Column 50 (trilete spore): 57 </blockquote> </blockquote> </blockquote> </blockquote>