Supplement 1. Source code in R for estimating logistic resource selection probability function and the data set used in the paper.

2016-08-05T04:26:07Z (GMT) by Subhash R. Lele Jonah L. Keim
<h2>File List</h2><blockquote> <p><a href="LogisticRSPFEstimation.txt">LogisticRSPFEstimation.txt</a> -- R source code<br> <a href="goatdata.txt">goatdata.txt</a> -- used points<br> <a href="goatavailable.txt">goatavailable.txt</a> -- random points from the available distribution</p> <p> </p> </blockquote><h2>Description</h2><blockquote> <p> The ‘LogisticRSPFEstimation.txt’ is an R program that estimates the regression coefficients for the Logistic resource selection probability function given the used and available data points. The ‘goatdata.txt’ provides the covariates associated with the used points for the goat data analysis described in the paper. The ‘goatavailable.txt’ provides the covariates associated with the random points obtained from the available distribution. These two files are input for the R program.</p> </blockquote>