Supplement 1. SCAMPS model code, parameters, and driver files.

<h2>File List</h2><div> <p><a href="TLKmodel ver12.rtf">TLKmodel ver12.rtf</a> (MD5: 9ad7b5dd41ce019153866e8545e64b2c)</p> <p><a href="ambient.csv">ambient.csv</a> (MD5: 71d8d08f844b68c444cf79e317c871e8)</p> <p><a href="summer warm.csv">summer warm.csv</a> (MD5: 7748844c0cc7759f819c517b5172431a)</p> <p><a href="winter warm.csv">winter warm.csv</a> (MD5: 454c16f03f750f78b242d46d5e508e75)</p> <p><a href="year round warm.csv">year round warm.csv</a> (MD5: 204a3c91e28fac3789f1823f14676d99)</p> <p><a href="ver 12.par">ver 12.par</a> (MD5: 7ff047593bff86a11a8ffae530baa6d0)</p> <p><a href="ver 12 NO AC.par">ver 12 NO AC.par</a> (MD5: 90d3ce6537b4dbaa0df12ae47bc7fbc2)</p> </div><h2>Description</h2><div> <p>TLKmodel ver12.rtf (Code for model inPascal; compiled in Delphi 2007. Uses TMS Softwares TAdvstringgrid version; Runs on IBM compatible computers in Windows)<br> ambient.csv (temperature driver file)<br> summer warm.csv (temperature driver file)<br> winter warm.csv (temperature driver file)<br> year round warm.csv (temperature driver file)<br> ver 12.par (acclimating community parameter file)<br> ver 12 NO AC.par (non-acclimating community parameter file; same as ver 12.par, only x parameter set to 0)</p> </div>