Supplement 1. Raw data from the common garden and microcosm experiments, and R code for calculating relative growth rates and producing Fig. 1 and Table 2.

<h2>File List</h2><div> <p><a href="Labdata_ecology.txt">Labdata_ecology.txt</a> (MD5: b3a81f9c1ac9e672ffd7611a6a8eb085) -- Larval growth data, common garden</p> <p><a href="Microcosmdata_ecology.txt">Microcosmdata_ecology.txt</a> (MD5: 31305d93de45b80d1e54fe57e1366aa5) -- Larval growth data, microcosms</p> <p><a href="NilssonOrtman_Competition.R">NilssonOrtman_Competition.R</a> (MD5: a964c0e77773b43e43e45a7292174960) -- R code for calculating and analyzing RGRs</p> </div><h2>Description</h2><div> <p>The supplements are designed to allow the reader to understand the calculations of Relative Growth Rates in each of the two experiments, to run the statistical analysis of growth rate data used to produce Table 1 and Fig. 1 the Main text. To run the code included in the supplements requires an installation of the statistical package R and the R packages polynom, sampling, plyr and phia. The first supplement, labdata_ecology.txt, contains the raw data from the common garden experiment. The second supplement, microcosmdata_ecology.txt, contains the raw data from the common garden experiment. Using the R code in the third supplement, NilssonOrtman_Competition.R, together with the data in the two data files allows the reader to recreate Fig. 1 and Table 1 in the Main text.</p> </div>