Supplement 1. Floral morphotype abundances and environmental data for each site at Big Cedar Ridge.

<h2>File List</h2><blockquote> <p><a href="BCR_sample_x_species.txt">BCR_sample_x_species.txt</a>  --  (MD5 checksum = 91569b5fecde05c7f27c0497ecbabf15)</p> <a href="BCR_sample_x_env.txt">BCR_sample_x_env.txt</a>  --   (MD5 checksum = 73b531b12a65c1343c3198bc7eace218)</blockquote><h2>Description</h2><blockquote> <p>The BCR_sample_x_species.txt file is a 101 row by 142 column matrix with one column of row labels (site numbers) and one row of column labels (morphotype designations). Each cell value gives a number of 2-cm increments (may be decimal). </p> <p>The BCR_sample_x_env.txt file is a 101 row by 20 column matrix with one column of row labels (site numbers) and one row of column labels (paleosol attributes). Cell values are numeric except for columns 18 and 19, which are text.  </p> <p>Column definitions for BCR_sample_x_species.txt</p> <blockquote> <p>1. row labels (site numbers)</p> <p>2.–7. types of plant debris</p> <p>8. blank bedding plane</p> <p>9.–38. cryptogam foliage morphotypes</p> <p>39.–48. conifer foliage morphotypes</p> <p>49.–54. cycad foliage morphotypes</p> <p>55.–61. monocot foliage morphotypes</p> <p>62.–135. dicot foliage morphotypes</p> <p>136.–142. reproductive structure morphotypes</p> </blockquote> <br> <p>Column definitions for BCR_sample_x_env.txt</p> <blockquote> <p>1. row labels (site numbers)</p> <p>2.–3. UTM coordinates (WGS84 datum)</p> <p>4. reconstructed paleotopographic level</p> <p>5. weight percent total organic carbon from low temp ashing</p> <p>6.–14. grain size measurements from Coulter counter</p> <p>15. paleosol thickness</p> <p>16.–17. rooting intensity (0-4 semiquantitative scale)</p> <p>18.–19. lamination (hor=horizontal, cont=continuous)</p> <p>20. percent of increments in census identified to morphotype (calculated from BCR_sample_x_species.txt)</p> </blockquote> <br> <p>Check sum values for BCR_sample_x_env.txt are:</p> <blockquote> <p>Column 1 (site): TEXT LABELS</p> <p>Column 2 (Northing): SUM=485726314.5</p> <p>Column 3 (Easting): SUM=29615615.37</p> <p>Column 4 (reconstructed topographic elevation): SUM=306.54</p> <p>Column 5 (% Total Organic Carbon): SUM=2148.2</p> <p>Column 6 (% Sand): SUM=1087.3411</p> <p>Column 7 (% Silt): SUM=4894.98855</p> <p>Column 8 (% Clay): SUM=4017.67085</p> <p>Column 9 (Silt:Clay ratio): SUM=149.6417863</p> <p>Column 10 (Mean phi): SUM=751.74395</p> <p>Column 11 (Phi sort): SUM=268.7874</p> <p>Column 12 (Phi skew): SUM=38.80545</p> <p>Column 13 (Phi kurtosis): SUM=255.5821</p> <p>Column 14 (DELTA_VAR): SUM=-34.93915</p> <p>Column 15 (Paleosol thickness): SUM=7.95; 53 missing values (rows with data: 47)</p> <p>Column 16 (Horizontal roots): SUM=96; 50 missing values (rows with data: 50)</p> <p>Column 17 (Vertical roots): SUM=72; 52 missing values (rows with data: 48)</p> <p>Column 18 (Laminations, 0-5 cm): SUM=0; 58 missing values (rows with data: 42)</p> <p>Column 19 (Laminations 5-15 cm): SUM=0; 59 missing values (rows with data: 41)</p> <p>Column 20 (% Identified Increments in Census): SUM=1817.75481</p> <p>Missing values are represented by NA</p> </blockquote> <br> <p>Check sum values for BCR_sample_x_species.txt are:</p> <blockquote> <p>No missing values</p> <p>Column 1 (site): TEXT LABELS</p> <p>Column 2 (Woody Axis): SUM=2483.5</p> <p>Column 3 (Amber): SUM=5.5</p> <p>Column 4 (Charcoal): SUM=319.33</p> <p>Column 5 (Indet root): SUM=302.5</p> <p>Column 6 (100% Plant hash): SUM=5337</p> <p>Column 7 (50% Plant hash): SUM=63294.5</p> <p>Column 8 (Blank (no plant)): SUM=101675</p> <p>Column 9 (L1): SUM=10.5</p> <p>Column 10 (F1): SUM=2411.17</p> <p>Column 11 (F2): SUM=5370.67</p> <p>Column 12 (F3): SUM=199</p> <p>Column 13 (F4): SUM=503.5</p> <p>Column 14 (F5): SUM=77</p> <p>Column 15 (F6): SUM=328.5</p> <p>Column 16 (F7): SUM=31.5</p> <p>Column 17 (F8): SUM=898</p> <p>Column 18 (F9): SUM=1158</p> <p>Column 19 (F10): SUM=1180.5</p> <p>Column 20 (F11): SUM=2392</p> <p>Column 21 (F11A): SUM=4</p> <p>Column 22 (F13): SUM=252</p> <p>Column 23 (F14): SUM=275.5</p> <p>Column 24 (F14A): SUM=871.5</p> <p>Column 25 (F15): SUM=20</p> <p>Column 26 (F16): SUM=265</p> <p>Column 27 (F17): SUM=1606.5</p> <p>Column 28 (F18): SUM=73</p> <p>Column 29 (F20A): SUM=6</p> <p>Column 30 (F21): SUM=12</p> <p>Column 31 (F22): SUM=14</p> <p>Column 32 (F23): SUM=56</p> <p>Column 33 (F24): SUM=10</p> <p>Column 34 (F27): SUM=5</p> <p>Column 35 (F32): SUM=2</p> <p>Column 36 (F34): SUM=68</p> <p>Column 37 (Indet Fern): SUM=606</p> <p>Column 38 (CO2): SUM=1</p> <p>Column 39 (CO3): SUM=893.5</p> <p>Column 40 (CO3A): SUM=80.5</p> <p>Column 41 (CO4): SUM=207.5</p> <p>Column 42 (CO5): SUM=130.83</p> <p>Column 43 (CO6): SUM=10</p> <p>Column 44 (CO7): SUM=679.5</p> <p>Column 45 (CO8): SUM=7.5</p> <p>Column 46 (CO10): SUM=110.5</p> <p>Column 47 (Indet Conifer): SUM=32</p> <p>Column 48 (CY1): SUM=26</p> <p>Column 49 (CY3): SUM=458</p> <p>Column 50 (CY4): SUM=98.5</p> <p>Column 51 (CY5): SUM=51</p> <p>Column 52 (CY6): SUM=5</p> <p>Column 53 (Indet Cycadophyte): SUM=16.5</p> <p>Column 54 (M1): SUM=7510.67</p> <p>Column 55 (M2): SUM=35</p> <p>Column 56 (M3): SUM=1</p> <p>Column 57 (M4): SUM=44</p> <p>Column 58 (M7): SUM=552</p> <p>Column 59 (M11): SUM=303</p> <p>Column 60 (Indet Monocot): SUM=3630.5</p> <p>Column 61 (DE2): SUM=17</p> <p>Column 62 (DE4): SUM=3</p> <p>Column 63 (DE5): SUM=63.5</p> <p>Column 64 (DE7): SUM=3</p> <p>Column 65 (DE8): SUM=84.5</p> <p>Column 66 (DE10): SUM=20</p> <p>Column 67 (DE11): SUM=32</p> <p>Column 68 (DE13): SUM=1</p> <p>Column 69 (DE17): SUM=105.5</p> <p>Column 70 (DE23): SUM=1</p> <p>Column 71 (DE25): SUM=22</p> <p>Column 72 (DE26): SUM=3</p> <p>Column 73 (DE28): SUM=19</p> <p>Column 74 (DE29): SUM=10</p> <p>Column 75 (DE30): SUM=2</p> <p>Column 76 (DE31): SUM=2</p> <p>Column 77 (DE40): SUM=5.5</p> <p>Column 78 (DE41): SUM=2</p> <p>Column 79 (DE44): SUM=3</p> <p>Column 80 (DE45): SUM=3</p> <p>Column 81 (DE80): SUM=21</p> <p>Column 82 (DN1): SUM=92</p> <p>Column 83 (DN2): SUM=10</p> <p>Column 84 (DN3): SUM=39.5</p> <p>Column 85 (DN4): SUM=150.5</p> <p>Column 86 (DN5): SUM=70</p> <p>Column 87 (DN6): SUM=13</p> <p>Column 88 (DN7): SUM=90.5</p> <p>Column 89 (DN9): SUM=199</p> <p>Column 90 (DN10): SUM=31</p> <p>Column 91 (DN11): SUM=37.5</p> <p>Column 92 (DN12): SUM=313.5</p> <p>Column 93 (DN13): SUM=68.83</p> <p>Column 94 (DN14): SUM=643</p> <p>Column 95 (DN15): SUM=32</p> <p>Column 96 (DN16): SUM=26</p> <p>Column 97 (DN17): SUM=17</p> <p>Column 98 (DN18): SUM=220.5</p> <p>Column 99 (DN18A): SUM=33.5</p> <p>Column 100 (DN18C): SUM=22</p> <p>Column 101 (DN20): SUM=118</p> <p>Column 102 (DN21): SUM=183.5</p> <p>Column 103 (DN22): SUM=28</p> <p>Column 104 (DN23): SUM=49.5</p> <p>Column 105 (DN24): SUM=23.5</p> <p>Column 106 (DN26): SUM=10</p> <p>Column 107 (DN27): SUM=52</p> <p>Column 108 (DN28): SUM=11</p> <p>Column 109 (DN30): SUM=1</p> <p>Column 110 (DN32): SUM=9</p> <p>Column 111 (DN33): SUM=2</p> <p>Column 112 (DN36): SUM=25.5</p> <p>Column 113 (DN37): SUM=15</p> <p>Column 114 (DN38): SUM=17</p> <p>Column 115 (DN40): SUM=7</p> <p>Column 116 (DN42): SUM=21</p> <p>Column 117 (DN45): SUM=16</p> <p>Column 118 (DN45A): SUM=2</p> <p>Column 119 (DN51): SUM=5</p> <p>Column 120 (DN53): SUM=11</p> <p>Column 121 (DN54): SUM=8</p> <p>Column 122 (DN55): SUM=2</p> <p>Column 123 (DN56): SUM=9.5</p> <p>Column 124 (DN63): SUM=1</p> <p>Column 125 (DN65): SUM=2</p> <p>Column 126 (DN68): SUM=5</p> <p>Column 127 (DN70): SUM=3</p> <p>Column 128 (DN72): SUM=6</p> <p>Column 129 (DN73): SUM=3</p> <p>Column 130 (DN74): SUM=2</p> <p>Column 131 (DN75): SUM=3</p> <p>Column 132 (DN77): SUM=6</p> <p>Column 133 (DN79): SUM=84.5</p> <p>Column 134 (Indet Dicot leaf): SUM=1483.5</p> <p>Column 135 (REP1): SUM=1</p> <p>Column 136 (REP2): SUM=2</p> <p>Column 137 (REP6): SUM=7</p> <p>Column 138 (REP7): SUM=1</p> <p>Column 139 (REP10): SUM=1</p> <p>Column 140 (REP13): SUM=1</p> <p>Column 141 (REP17): SUM=4</p> <p>Column 142 (Indet reproductive): SUM=2</p> </blockquote> </blockquote>